Superquadra Cru 03x12 Nat Bn Rect

Concrete is always modern and transitions between many styles without being dated or seeming old-fashioned. It is the perfect companion to a mix of other surfaces and can be the lead in solo projects. Superquadra was created from this free perspective of concrete. The superblocks of Brasilia and its concept of not limiting spaces, creates continuous surfaces with fluidity of motion which inspired this Portobello concrete.  

Available Sizes




Technical Data

03x12 nat

sku 79376ET weight (PC) 1.09
COLLECTION Superquadra carton (LBS) -
category bullnose pcs per carton 15
SUBCATEGORY glazed porcelain pallet (LBS) -
material concrete pcs per pallet 2520
color cream carton per pallet 168
Edge bold DCOF -
Thickness (mm) 9.5 mm water absorption -
SHADE variation v3 color body No

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