Portobello is today the largest tile company in Brazil.

Headquartered in Tijucas, Santa Catarina, Portobello is today the largest tile company in Brazil.

With an increasingly sustainable production process that respects biodiversity and the use of natural resources, Portobello serves countries on five continents and the domestic market through multi-brand retailers, Portobello Shop and the sales channel for engineering.

For valuing and investing in people, Portobello has teams that work with design and innovation in a visionary way, constantly launching trends in architecture and decor in Brazil and taking them to the world through its export channel and Portobello America.

Always concerned about the impacts of its choices, Portobello helps to build a future where everyone evolves together.

“For Portobello, sustainability means being aware of its actions, the impacts of its choices and understanding the responsibility of being an integral part of society and the ecosystem in which we live.

It means being committed to its entire production and distribution chain, helping to build a future where we all evolve together.”

The environment we live in is the essence of our business

Marble and granite are non-renewable natural resources, whose extraction releases metals that pollute the planet’s water reserves*.

Illegal logging - which represents an average of 80% of all logging in Brazil - increases the risk of wild animal extinction, causes loss of biodiversity and ecological services provided by the forest, such as maintaining the climate and the hydrological cycle*.

Portobello reproduces these materials in tiles, whose production process is sustainable, respecting biodiversity and the use of natural resources.

*Sources: UFSC – Sustainable Library; WWF; SIMA-SP (São Paulo State Department of Infrastructure and Environment)

Our People

Portobello creates and supports several projects and actions with the purpose of strengthening the communities surrounding its units because it values each and every person and believes in their potential to evolve and transform the world for the better.



Guidelines that guide the company’s operations:

  • Promote health, safety, well-being and development of people
  • Prioritize children and sports in social projects
  • Be a partner of the community, supporting good initiatives of social responsibility
  • Promote culture and encourage employees to participate in volunteer work.



Through the OUR PEOPLE pillar, Portobello contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals shown:

Projects that make the OUR PEOPLE pillar tangible:

Growing Up Program

The Growing Up Program is a project promoted in the city of Tijucas/SC in partnership with the Sports Association of Employees of Ceramic Companies in Tijucas (ADEC), and for over fifteen years, it has been annually engaging approximately 200 children and adolescents aged 6 to 13 years in sports and educational activities. This represents approximately 70% of children and adolescents of the community and 30% of students who are children of Portobello employees, 90% of whom are students in public schools in the region.

The Program aims not only to encourage the practice of physical activities, but also to develop motor skills and physical fitness, stimulating the positive values of sports, such as responsibility, cooperation and respect, which also occurs by discussing socio-educational subjects such as health, education, entrepreneurship and sustainability. All participants receive free transportation, food, uniforms and school supplies.

The Growing Up program also serves as a means to prepare teens for the professional world, directing these young people to Portobello’s Young Apprentice Program.


Founded in 2004, Anjos Luz Choir is a project promoted in the community of Tijucas/SC that has already involved more than 300 children and adolescents aged 6 to 13 years. Currently, the group has 35 members who perform at popular events, festivals, parties, concerts also in partnership with other musical groups.

The relationships developed since childhood are extremely valuable for Portobello, especially since many of these children are the children of employees and who today are also part of the company’s staff.
Anjos Luz Choir is an initiative that brings the beauty and transformative power of music to different generations.


The basis for keeping people active and increasingly involve them in Portobello’s different social programs is the Volunteer Program, which currently has the participation of more than 200 employees.

The program that has been encouraging the engagement of employees in social actions since 2017 aims to contribute to improving the quality of life of the community in general.

To this end, the initiative is currently organized into four different work fronts that the volunteers can choose according to their availability and interests:
• Voluntary actions, in which the employee assists in corporate events such as the worker’s day party, children’s party, events held by the city of Tijucas/SC.
• Solidarity campaigns focused on collecting donations for the Christmas Campaign, the Winter Clothing Donation Campaign, visits to hospitals, nursing homes, daycare centers and schools.
• Solidary donations, in which volunteers assist employees who face difficulties due to illness or natural disasters.
• Pro-Life Actions, which focus on people’s health and well-being and develops actions such as blood and platelet donation, assistance in health-related events, such as Pink October and Blue November.

Sports Sponsorship

ADEC (Sports Association of Employees of Ceramic Companies of Vale do Rio Tijucas) is a Portobello partner that promotes various programs and activities with the purpose of bringing together companies and the community.

With this, more than 4,000 members and their dependents enjoy a large area with preserved nature and complete infrastructure for sports and leisure.

Other Projects

Ceramic Tiles Donation

Portobello donates ceramic tiles, with an annual average of 25,000 m², to approximately 40 institutions that meet the requirements of the Ceramic Tiles Donation Policy.

Projects promoted via incentive laws

The company allocates funds to projects in the communities where it operates, through the Culture Incentive Law, the Sports Incentive Law, Pronon, Pronas, the Childhood and Adolescence Fund and the Elderly Fund.

Environmental Education

The program aimed at employees and residents of the region near the Portobello plant in Tijucas/SC disseminates good environmental practices in internal and local social media, as well as promote awareness campaigns and monthly training for employees.

Bello Olympics

Held in partnership with ADEC, Bello Olympics encourages employees to participate in 14 sports modalities, providing well-being and moments of relaxation and fun among co-workers and family members.

Worker’s Day Party

A traditional event held with the support of Portobello Volunteers, attended by approximately 2,500 people, including employees and family members at each edition.

Children’s Party

Event held at Tijucas/SC and Marechal Deodoro/AL units with the support of Portobello Volunteers, in which employees, participants in social programs and their families offer recreational activities, games and cultural presentations.

Volunteer Christmas Campaign

Portobello’s largest social program has been promoted since 2003 and relies on the participation of company employees, who become godparents and godmothers of underprivileged children and elderly people in Tijucas/SC and Marechal Deodoro/AL, donating gifts to their godchildren.

Our Product

Portobello is tirelessly dedicated to the improvement of the different stages of its production and creative processes, so that it can take care and help to regenerate the planet where we live.



Guidelines that guide the company’s operations:

  • Exercise sustainable design and innovation
  • Boost the sustainability of ceramic materials, with emphasis on the deposits of raw material, energy, water and waste management
  • Cultivate and encourage good practices aimed at environmental protection, committing to environmental education



Through the OUR PRODUCT pillar, Portobello contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals shown:

Main stages of Portobello’s Production Process:

Regenerative Extraction

Portobello is responsible for the environmental regeneration of deposits, respecting the natural vocation of each area. It also follows pre-established criteria for managing social impacts and the deposits licenses, with periodic audits in order to promote the preservation of biodiversity, the control of water quality and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Water Reuse

In addition to having its own collection sources, Portobello reuses 100% of the water in the production process through the application of a closed circuit, which avoids the rampant use of such an essential and limited resource on the planet.

Clean Energy

The heat from the production process of ceramic tiles is reused as an energy source. Portobello constantly invests in clean energy (100% natural gas in the production process) and technology for an increasingly rational use of natural resources.

Waste Repurposing

99.9% of the waste generated by Portobello is repurposed or recycled, promoting a circular and responsible economy. In addition, the company encourages repurposing third-party waste by using, for example, glass that would be discarded and plastic packaging waste as raw material for making trash bags.

Portobello Products Journey:

Check out the path that Portobello products take and how the company handles each step.

All Portobello products are developed in a sustainable manner, respecting biodiversity and the use of natural resources. Among the main characteristics of Portobello tiles are:

Regenerative Extraction


Non-toxic Product

fire resistant

Our Business

Portobello does not measure the success of the business only from the financial perspective, but also for the well-being of people and the environment generated by its products and services. The internal processes and results reaffirm the commitment to adopt sustainable measures as an integral part of the company’s business strategy.


Guidelines that guide the company’s operations:

  • Commit to excellence in results.
  • Grow Together. Create conditions to generate value for everyone.
  • Invest in good management and governance practices, prioritizing meritocracy.
  • Continuously invest in sustainability.



Through the OUR BUSINESS pillar, Portobello contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals shown:

Portobello’s activities in this pillar are divided into:

Value Added

Portobello shares the Statement of Value Added among the economic agents that contribute to its generation such as employees, community, government, shareholders, and creditors.


Constant investments in people and technologies keep Portobello ahead of the market and allow for continuous improvement in an increasingly sustainable process.

Customer Satisfaction

Every six months Portobello conducts a customer satisfaction survey with architects and designers, specifiers of the brand, to measure their degree of satisfaction with the company’s processes, products, and services to enable the company to deliver an increasingly complete service, always exceeding the customer’s expectations.

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